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Hack adwords into your blog


Most of the bloggers,who love to become a professional one,would surely have an aim to earn a huge sum from their blog. May be most of them,have started their blog initially to earn a big sum. You would be wondering that,the pro bloggers,who blogs on blogging says that they earns this much,they gets that much,they get paid by this much. what people like us will feel : ‘Blah Blah,boasting lier’ (Sorry,that i have skipped the HACK ADWORDS stuff to the final para)

Myself have considered,such bloggers as biggest liers,who lies to get poor readers. People who comes to the era of blogging to make money,would be convinced by those bloggers and would end up abruplty in debt.

But,i have figured our the fact,that neither do they cheat,nor we are fooled.

Niche is what makes everything perfect. At first,we may be blogging whatever we know. But we need to understand that,a reader comes to read what he wants and not what we gives 😛

What is this? I have kept a title regarding Adwords,and have not spoken about it till. 😛

Wait for me!

The best method to earn via a blog is Google’s adsense. I believe,you already knew it,if you have came here through a google search.

so,Basically,what this post regards is what an adsense publisher must so. So,if you aren’t one,please go and read any other articles to save your time. 😀

Adsense publishers dreams to get the highest CPC and heavy google traffic. But that’s not easy,but never impossible.

Google traffic depends on niche and quality,while adsense depends on the usage of words.

But what do adwords have to do with this?

Adsense visualise ads,mainly from adwords. SO,if you are aiming to earn a huge sum from adsense,go and look at adwords.

Yes, Hack Adwords!

I hope,you are not bad enough to mean that ‘Hack Adwords’ is a bad word.

Check for the keywords,especially the phrases which have the highest CPC in the niche you are writing. Remember,the reader’s location is important.

Use those Phrases which have highest CPC and low competition in your articles,naturally. I can’t motivate you more than this 😛

The phrases would eventually be found by google,thay will check for the quality,if found good,they will be visible in the search results. So,go to adwrods, check for the best keyword combinations which relates the content in your blog,use it. Wait for google.

When you have received a page rank update from google,you will eventually get continuos visitors from google,no matter what you have later done with your blog. the article,unless deleted will get the google visitors.

Similarly you can also Hack Adsense and blend them to your blog.


I hope you know,how to keep the adsense ads in your content so as to get what you actually wanted to get to get an awesome amount in your pocket. 😛

good luck fellas.


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