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Hack Whatsapp Group and Use as a Storage Space


What is Whatsapp? Oh! Thats the funniest Question of the Decade. (Remember,this is not an article regarding the violated meaning of Hack Whatsapp Group,rather its just a phonetic usage of modern era)

Everyone knows about whatsapp. What it is being used for,what it can do and how it is useful.

We can use whatsapp to personally ocntact any of our contacts,Actively participate in groups,in which we are a member.

The most helpful stuff is that,apart form facebook and other social platforms,we can send files. We can send mp3,We can send videos,and many other file formats like .zip, .pdf etc

But,they will be lost in the old chats,if we have to ever look for them in future. There is an easy way to solve this problem.

Hack Whatsapp Group and Create your Own private store.

The steps are simple:

You are creating a a Group,in which you are the alone member.

You will be posting whatever you want,into it.

You can,in future just search the group name in whatsapp to access the files,as you won’t chat alone in that group 😛

How to create a lone group in whatsapp?

Its easy.

Create a group,as usual with any of your friends. By default,whatsapp allows you to create groups woth minimum of teo persons. One is you and the other is any of your contact.

Now,open this two membered group,go to the members area,select your friends name there,remove him from the group.


Now the group has only a single member. Thats YouuuU!

Give a proper name and Icon,as per your wish to this Hack Whatsapp Group.

What can we do with this Hack Whatsapp group?

  1. Send files to it,so that you can easily access next time.
  2. Type in the long messages in this group,so that you can edit it later and avoid clicking send,unknowingly.
  3. The files in this chat will be hidden from gallery,so that you can have a personal as well as PRIVATE storage space.

What are the Disadvantages of this?

There is only one problem,a big disadvantage.

Once you clear the DATA of the Whatsapp APP in settings,or cleared cache of your phone,all the whatsapp data will be gone,including your private chats and group chats. This single group is also vulnerable to it.

SO,go for any other Storages for the case,in which you are forced to clear your whatsapp data.

I reccommend using Telegram APP!


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